From Temporary Replacement Workers to Managed Workforces

Our process starts with operational assessments:

  • Job Description Analysis
  • Production and Distribution
  • Maintenance and Procedures
  • Third-Party Resources
  • Security Survey and Plan


Strom Engineering Corporation has specialized in implementing temporary workforces since 1961. We have very specific competencies in assisting with all aspects of providing quality temporary labor, resulting in our customer’s continued profitability and maintaining of market share during labor disruptions. In addition to providing strike and labor dispute staffing, Strom Engineering provides temporary managed workforces, using our methodology of recruiting, selecting, deploying, and managing our workers. This is a unique process that yields results unmatched in the industry. It also assures the fastest return to normal operations.

Since its founding, Strom has supplied personnel ranging from general laborers to engineers, and has provided consulting and management support services to countless industries including capital equipment manufacturing, foundry, food and beverage, mining, transportation, construction, power distribution and industrial supply, as well as the hi-tech fields of computers, electronics, semi-conductors, telecommunications, and special production machinery.

Today, Strom provides a wide array of services to meet our clients’ needs. Workforces big or small, Strom has helped maximize production and efficiency by preparing companies for the ups and downs of the labor market. Strom has unmatched experience in managing strike-related projects and supplying personnel throughout North America and Europe. The breadth and depth of Strom’s experience in virtually every conceivable industry sector sets Strom Engineering and Strom Strategic Consulting apart. Strom’s partnership with companies facing pressing labor issues has yielded unparalleled customer satisfaction.